In ancient times mere mortals would offer gifts to the Gods to charm and seduce them.  Venus is the Roman goddess of love, beauty, and desire, and Virgo is the mercurial introvert who cherishes beauty, truth, and loyalty above all else.  In united celebration Venus & Virgo embody the evergreen spirit of generosity and share a mutual passion for all things exquisite.

Each month Venus & Virgo will document art, aesthetics, beauty products, and healing remedies from around the globe.  Our beauty library will consist of information and recommendations for your face, hair, body, and home, including everything from perfume to objects d’art.

At our showroom, Venus & Virgo will present work from local and international artists, as well as beauty products with notes and anecdotes on the individuals and companies that created them. Online enthusiasts will also be encouraged to share their ideas and personal beauty regimens, and men and women of all ages will be able to find ‘pick me up’ tips to uplift their every day.

We look forward to sharing new ideas and interacting with our readers and clientele as we strive to live healthier and richer lives.