Some of Gregory Costanza’s earliest childhood memories are driving around the United States in a Winnebago with his family, and visiting Madame Zora, the local fortune-teller, with a close family friend.  As a child he saw beauty in everything, knowing with each Northern California sunrise came the possibility of learning something new.  During the week he loved to study and read, and on most weekends he could be found outdoors, riding his bicycle with friends and sometimes exploring San Francisco without parental consent.

While studying the History of Art at UC Berkeley, he worked as an assistant to a fashion photographer from Italy on the weekends.  While learning all aspects of photography, he became fascinated with make-up artistry for the camera, and thus began a lifelong interest in researching and testing the best cosmetics on the market.  Upon graduation his combined love of art, beauty, and travel led him to live in Manhattan and Los Angeles to pursue work in theatre, film, and television.

While living in Southern California Gregory quickly learned the ropes from numerous celebrities, maven stylists, and PR specialists, and landed jobs in casting, talent relations, and teaching acting to children and young adults.  He later returned to work in the beauty industry, internationally launching products, planning events, and pitching stories to beauty editors.

A true California native, Gregory splits his time between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  In 2011 he launched Venus & Virgo to unite his love for beauty, order, health, and creativity.  He is currently working meticulously on the Venus & Virgo product line, based on the best natural resources and essential oils from around the world.

In his spare time Gregory can be found running on the beach, cooking vegetarian feasts, penning letters to lifelong friends, and fundraising for numerous charities including his true passion, animal rights and rescue.  He cherishes the small things in life – petite dogs & cars, bungalows & cottages, and pocket notebooks & journals.  He is a quintessential Virgo-Leo who one hour wants to be left alone and the next is a gregarious jet-setter.  He meditates every morning, often dreaming of Big Sur, where the lush California redwoods and mountains meet the turquoise Pacific Ocean.